Matthew C

“Cellfield was a game changer for me”.

“I can’t thank Cellfield Papakura enough, and of course the wonderful ladies that facilitate it, for the amazing improvement in Matthew’s learning over the past few years, culminating in his fantastic 2nd place results in his recent school speech competition.” Sara C.

Drea K

“When I started Cellfield I thought it wouldn’t help. It would be just like everything else I have tried. I was wrong. Cellfield helped me a lot. I went from being the lowest in the class to the middle. I think that Cellfield helped me a lot and made my school work much easier.” Drea K

“Cellfield sounded “too good to be true”, however, the Cellfield intervention delivers. Drea’s  reading level and comprehension have improved dramatically.  Her visual and auditory processing have improved.  Drea’s confidence is much improved, sports skills also better, she is less tired after school.  We now have a motivated, confident, happy and less frustrated child.” Deepa K.


“Cellfield was a game changer for me”.

“Just an update to let you know that Aaliyah is having an excellent term. Her attitude and self-belief have lifted so much, and her results confirm this. She should be so proud!
Since February, her reading age has improved by 2 years and her spelling age by 3yrs 9 months. She is also moving up through the curriculum levels and class groups.
I’m looking forward to seeing her shift closer and closer to where she needs to be in the coming year!” – Felicity