People often ask: what is dyslexia?

Without the right support, intervention or treatment, dyslexia symptoms create learning challenges for both children and adults in the areas of reading, spelling, maths and eye tracking. Some people lose their place when reading. They skip words, lines and in some cases, whole paragraphs.

Dyslexia does not just affect your words and reading ability. Here are other dyslexia symptoms that might be impacting your life:

  • Impacted auditory and information processing.
  • Difficulties planning or organising.
  • Impaired motor skills.
  • Short-term memory challenges and poor recall.
  • Struggling to concentrate.
  • Self-esteem issues if not properly treated.

Cellfield’s specialised program has been designed to help with the challenges presented by unaddressed dyslexia symptoms. We are a New Zealand based reading intervention program designed to help both children and adults with dyslexia. Our programme specifically targets the auditory, visual and auditory-to-visual pathways to the brain.